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Birchbox February Review

Ok so this is probs the thing I look forward to the most each month. It’s my birchbox subscription! The best thing you can buy with £12.95 in my opinion. (unless you’re buying peppermint tea and caramel rockys but thats besides the point).

My February Birchbox
My February Birchbox

So in my Birchbox this month, I received:

The contents
The contents

I’ll break it down. Now the product I was most impressed with was the FULL SIZE, yes full size Wild about Beauty Rose water illuminating serum. It’s worth £22 and it is SO SO pretty. It’s supposed to make your skin have a “youthful glow.” it certainly smoothed my skin out, not as “glowy” as I’d have liked though, but a nice makeup base!

theBalm Cosmetics made an appearance this month. I had the stainiac in Beauty Queen, which is a bright red. It stained my lips, and it stayed! I was impressed! Nice for casual day. Not enough to complete a look shall we say. It also doubles as a cheek stain, but I never got the hang of liquid blushers.

T London Darjeeling  bath and shower wash surprised me. Normally I don’t care for body washes as samples, I mean, what’s the point? As long as it cleans me, I don’t care what it is! But this, this changed my mind! It smells AMAZING! The scent is suppose to be camomile and green tea, and that’s exactly what it smells like, which personally, I think is lush! It’s a “I feel so super, squeaky clean” scent.. And it’s a generously sized sample. Winning!

I tried the Chia seeds porridge this morning actually! In the words of Bruce Almighty: It’s good. It’s gooood. I cheated and mixed it with milk instead of water, but whatevs trevs, it was bloody lovely!

I got the Cynthia Rowley eyeliner in silver which I was a bit disappointed about, not really a silver gal if I’m honest, it was a nice formula though, sort of creamy, so I’m sure the black would be nice, not worth £11 though, I’d much rather my £6.99 Kate Moss eyeliner over that.

I didn’t even realise Liz Earle did hair care to be honest, I was pleasantly surprised! It left my hair soft and a lot less dry than the majority of shampoos I use now. The full size does cost £10 though, I do not care for my hair enough to pay that, that’s a fiver off a Mac lipstick! Ya with me?!

What got me REALLY excited was this little slip that I found in my birchbox though…

Everybody say WOOOOOOOOO!
Everybody say WOOOOOOOOO!

BENEFIT GOODIES! What could be better?! Benefit Cosmetics makes me so happy! If you haven’t signed up yet and ya fancy it after seeing this, leave your email in the comments box below, and I’ll email a link to you to join. This means you’ll also get £5 worth of birchbox points as well! Yay for Birchbox!

So my conclusion..I know I’ve been quite vague for each product, but it’s SIX products in one post, I don’t wanna keep you here all day. Not one of my fave boxes (last month was preeetty awesome), but a few new finds, which is what it’s all about! I’m going to keep on with Wild about Beauty’s serum, and get back to y’all if it grows on me.

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