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Mac Cosmetics Haul 2


My second MAC haul in two days! What have I done to deserve this?! I’m not questioning it! So this time, I received, the Pro Longwear foundation and concealer, lip primer, and two lipsticks, Ruby Woo (Yay!) and Brave (Double yay!). Now I’m not going to touch on the foundation and concealer, because they’re just top ups of what I already have, and you can find my review on these here!


Ok, so first off, the lip primer! I’ve been so excited to try this. I’ve never used a lip primer before, so I don’t really know what to expect, so I’m definitely going to do a full review on this after a few uses! It came in the signature black packaging, but with glitter on! So cute. I think this is the case for all the prep & prime stuff, correct me if I’m wrong. I did swatch it on the back of my hand, as you’ll see below with the lipsticks. It’s a long black tube, and the product itself is white, but applies on clear.


So the two lipsticks I’ve been after for ages, I finally received! I will do separate, in depth reviews on these also, I have Heroine and Velvet Teddy to review too! Now, Ruby Woo is described as a retro matte lipstick. Matte lip products are my absolute fave, I just think they last so much longer, and the fact that Ruby Woo is the iconic red (in my opinion) and matte, means there should be no problems here! I asked for Brave, as I have heard so much about it, and all the swatches I’ve seen, I’ve loved! To be fair, I didn’t realise it was a satin finish, which I’ve never been a fan of, but I’m willing to make an exception if the colour looks great on me! Plus, I’m sure a break from all my drying, matte lip colours will do my poor lips some good.  Here’s some swatches:


Now, I had the brilliant idea of swatching with and without the lip primer, genius right?!  So, on the left is obviously Ruby Woo, far left is without primer and the right is with. I could feel the difference in application straight away, especially with the matte colour. It just glided on, rather than catching and feeling like it needed warming up before using it. You’ll get what I mean if you’ve used a matte lipstick. It gave an even distribution of colour too, I am actually pleasantly surprised at how good it seems already! I wish the photo would do it more justice, because the difference was so obvious! The same with Brave, without primer on the left, with on the right. Again, an obvious difference, cannot wait to try this on my lips now!

So to finish off, I am so pleased with the shades of lipstick, so happy they’ve been added to my collection! I think I’m going to be obsessed with the lip primer, I can feel it being a necessity in my makeup routine. And obviously so relieved to have my top ups of foundation and concealer, cannot live without those bad boys any more!

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