Birchbox – March

Sorry it’s taken me so long to post this. I switched phones after I took photos of these and it took me a million years to find out where I’d backed them up to…


I also have to admit, this months Birchbox didn’t exactly give me motivation to write about it either. I wasn’t particularly impressed! They teamed up with Habitat this month, the box is major cute, I must admit! To link in with habitat, they put a cute little notebook in the box for ‘ideas and plans.’

So in my box this month, I got to choose a Benefit mascara, out of Rollerlash, Bad Gal and They’re Real, I chose Rollerlash – obviously! I’ve already reviewed this here!

I also got TanOrganics Self tanning oil. I haven’t tried this yet, apparently it’s meant to moisturise while giving a natural looking glow.. Now I’ve never fake tanned, so I doubt you’ll ever here my reviews on that! Sorry!

I got a perfume sample, Catherine Malandrino’s Style de Paris! This is an AMAZING scent! It’s quite citrusy, but a soft scent at the same time. I’m useless at describing smells.. But just take my word for it: it’s amazing! £50 though… Ouch!

I also got Serenity Skincare Dead Sea bath salt! I used this in my bath around two weeks ago, kinda disappointed. I don’t know if my bath was too big for the amount, but I didn’t even notice it was in there! I read afterwards, I could have also used it for a face scrub or a foot soak.. I feel like it would be too rough for my face, but I’d definitely buy it to use as a foot soak!

I had Philip Kingsleys elasticiser, this is meant to be a pre-shampoo treatment.. Now I barely have the motivation to wash my hair, let alone introduce all these pre-treatments! I haven’t tried this, will probably pass onto mum, she’ll try any hair treatment!

I also got a chapter from Penny Vincenzi’s book, A Perfect Heritage. Never read it. I hate book samples, either give me the whole book or don’t!

Here’s the little card of descriptions! Like I said, I was not overly impressed, but you know it’s going to be hit or miss with these kinds of things. To be honest, this is the first box I’ve been disappointed in in 8 months, so I can’t complain!

If you want to subscribe to one of these, drop me your email so I can send you a link, which includes £5 of Birchbox points when you sign up! Winning!

Thanks for reading!

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