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A Quick Update on my Skin

 Are you as impressed as I am?!!! I’m FREAKING DELIGHTED! That photo on the left, was from a week ago today! The one on the right was taken yesterday morning! That is literally just a week of dabbing lavender oil onto my red bits, and then massaging almond oil all over my face. I’ve only been using Lush Cosmetics skin care products too, no chemicals at all! Oh and cutting out dairy. Now I don’t know which part has done the good, but I don’t care, I’m carrying on as I am. The main struggle being that I can’t eat cheese, and I eat cheese with literally everything. But if cutting it out means that my skin is going to get better and better, I will deal! I’ve even cancelled my dermatologist’s appointment. I always wanted to clear my skin by myself – mainly because dermatologists charge crazy money! And now it’s happening! I just hope it keeps on improving now!

I wanted to show you this, because it shows there is hope! If you suffer from problem skin, it doesn’t mean that there’s no way to change it! I’ve felt like that a million times! This picture has given me so much motivation! YAY!

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