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Lush Cosmetics Moisturiser – Vanishing Cream

I bought this around 2 months ago now. I was looking for something to go under my makeup everyday. All my skincare was natural, apart from my day time moisturiser as I couldn’t find something suitable, that didn’t ruin my makeup!

Lush say that Vanishing Cream “disappears into the skin, leaving nothing behind except beautifully soft skin.”

They are so right! I’m so in love with this moisturiser! It says it works best on oily skin or mainly the t-zone. But I find it works best all over my face! It sinks in amazingly and actually makes my skin feel like it’s been properly moisturised and hydrated!

So it’s white in colour, and such a light and creamy consistency! The smell is gorge! It’s literally like a little pot of lavender! My fave scent! This pot seems to be lasting me forever! It cost £12.95 and is worth every penny!

If you’re looking for something that sits well under makeup – even prolonging it’s wear – you’ve found it right here! Plus you know it’s just doing all good things to your skin all day long! It’s like a protective barrier from all the gunk you put on too! What more could you want?!

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