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Micellar Water – Loreal vs Garnier

  I know micellar water has been out for a while now, but I never bought it to begin with as I thought it would irritate my sensitive skin – as everything else that isn’t natural does!

I first bought the Garnier one. I bought a mini version to take on holiday with me to try out! I used it every single night, and it removed every bit of makeup on my skin, whether it be foundation, mascara or lipstick! I was pleasantly surprised I didn’t have to scrub at my skin to remove my makeup either! It didn’t strip my skin, it left it feeling squeaky clean, but not dry or tight like most liquid cleansers do!

When I got home, I was in Asda and saw the Loreal micellar water was half price down to £2.50! So I thought I’d buy it – not to try a different one to begin with, but because it was so cheap for the size and I needed another one! The Loreal one did the exact same job – no surprises there! The only thing that bothered me was the oily residue it left after cleansing. I didn’t like the layer it left on my skin, it felt heavy and I had to tone my face after just to remove the residue.

So to end, I would really recommend the Garnier micellar water, it’s cheaper, simple and exactly what you’re looking for in a makeup remover! The Loreal one is still brilliant, however the oiliness it left behind wasn’t a good oil! It felt like my face wasn’t clean! If you’re currently using Garnier – I’d say look no further!

If you’re using any other brand, give Garnier a try, I promise you’ll fall in love! And, it’s pink packaging! Cute!

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