Seventeen Stay Time Concealer


So I thought I’d do a quick review on Seventeen’s stay time concealer. This little guy cost £4.49, and it caught my eye when I was browsing in Boots in my lunch break last week. I was need a super light concealer to mix with my current fave: Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Concealer, or whatever it’s called! Whatever it is, I wish there was a lighter shade!

So I’d been using my MAC pro longwear for this, but I’m currently trying to find a drugstore dupe for this as it kills me to pay £17 for such a small amount when I use it everyday!

I’m pleased to say this is a very close dupe to MAC! It’s super creamy, extremely blendable and doesn’t crease at all! The coverage isn’t as perf as MAC, but I wasn’t expecting a complete miracle! But it’s bloody close, I’ll give them that! It comes with a doe foot applicator, which I’m in two minds about. On one hand I can control how much product I use much easier than a pump. But then also there’s the hygiene and contamination problem! But we’ll deal.

Definitely give this a try if you’re on the hunt to change up your concealer! I love trying out new ones, and I am still on the hunt for my HG. But for now, I suppose I’ll settle with this alongside pro longwear and lumi touch!

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