Rimmel Wake Me Up Mascara – Extreme Black

   So I picked this up the other day, just randomly! Y’know when you want to buy something, but not really sure what? This was the outcome. This comes in the normal black, and then this one – the extreme black. It smells gorge, like cucumbers and refreshing cleanser!   Now I don’t really get the wand/applicator. It’s like really chubby, but then it goes skinny in the middle, and then chubby again! Not the best for precision or your bottom lashes! I didn’t really get the ‘extreme black’ thing either. It’s not relatively crazy black. Just a normal black. If you get me?!       So this is the before and after. The after has one coat on it. My lashes aren’t as spread as I’d like them to be. It was quite fiddly with the ginormas applicator! It didn’t give me as much volume as I’d have liked. Looking at it to begin with, I thought this would be more of a volume building mascara than anything else. I was wrong.  This sells for £5.99, so a bargain mascara in my opinion! I would use this for maybe subtle days. Like a ‘no makeup’ makeup day. It adds a little length, but you can’t really tell there’s mascara there.  Overall, this isn’t my favourite mascara I’ve ever tried. However, it does have a place in my lazy day makeup routine, so all is not lost! If you’re looking for extreme, dramatic lashes, keep walking!

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