Skincare & Makeup Boots Haul


Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been missing for a while! I’ve just got into a new gym routine, and I’m trying my very best to stick at it!

I did a sneaky shop on Boots in the week, and got it delivered yesterday, so I thought I’d share with y’all what I got! It was triple points this weekend at Boots, so I earned just under £8 of points for this purchase! Yay!


I’ll start with skincare, and this is the product I was most excited to receive! No7 have come out with their very own Glycolic Peel Kit. It costs £24.99 and with it, you receive 8 vials of the peel, which means 8 treatments. You also receive the bottle of toner/neutraliser, which you apply after 10 minutes of having step 1 on your face. Then after splashing your face with cool water, you apply the moisturiser that comes with it, it’s supposed to calm your skin, and has shea butter in it. I actually used this this morning, I only used half of a vial too – it comes with a lot of product! This means I could stretch 16 treatments out of this! I have extremely sensitive skin and expected my skin to be bright red and burning by the end of this treatment, but no reaction at all! Wahoo! My skin feels insanely soft, but obviously no major difference after just one treatment – updates coming!


I added these to my basket, purely because Nivea had 2 products for £5 on. The other Nivea product was £4.99, so I just added these for a penny! Now I’ve been going to the gym, I go straight after work, so I like to keep a packet of face wipes with me so I can remove my makeup before going in. I don’t want to risk clogged pores! These face wipes include almond oil – my fave! I’m sure they’ll be perf.


I was so excited to try this when I saw the reviews on this. This is meant to be £19.99, but it was on sale to £13.33. It’s a huge bottle for a face oil! It has a pipette applicator and feels so luxury! This includes 8 oils which are: Lavender, Marjoram, Romarin, Geranium, Rose, Camomile, Orange, Lavandin. I tried this on the back of my hand – it smells amazing! It’s also verging on a dry oil – it doesn’t make your skin feel greasy at all! This could be mixed with a foundation to give you a gorge, dewy look if you’re more on the dry side. This is aimed at 40-60 year olds, but the younger you start, the more wrinkles you’ll catch before they crop up! I’m planning on using this every night after my moisturiser has sunk in.


I’ve been looking for a new night cream as my Lush Skin Drink is about to run out and I haven’t got time to travel to my nearest Lush to pick one up yet, and I refuse to pay £3.99 for delivery! I found this on Boots, and I’m so excited! It cost £4.99, and comes in a 50ml tube. It’s designed for sensitive skin (woo woo!), and contains liquorice extract and grape seed oil! It claims to moisturise and reduce the signs on redness, tightness and dryness! Now I used this last night and my skin this morning felt so soothed! My redness was still there, but it seemed toned down in a way. I woke up with two new spots – I’m hoping it’s not from this! So I’ll persevere for a couple weeks to see what happens.


Now on to makeup. I picked this Revlon foundation up – I had it about 5 years ago and remember loving it. It’s raved about on Youtube all the time, so I thought I’d pick another up. I’m sure when I bought it, it wasn’t specific to skin types, but I might be wrong. This time I picked up the combination one. I was worried the dry skin would be too dewy and greasy.


I’ve heard so many amazing things about Collections concealer, I’ve finally got round to picking one up! I got it in the lightest shade, and I’m hoping the coverage is just as good as everyones saying.


I also picked this up from Collection. I love the shades in this, I think this could be used for contouring as well as concealing! I’m so excited to try a couple of the shades on my dark circles, they feel so creamy, so here’s hoping!


And also this from Collection! It’s an affordable brand, and I haven’t browsed through their products for a while, so I had to stock up! I’m looking for the perfect dupe to my MAC studio fix powder foundation. Let me know what you guys think of this if you’ve tried it before!


Lastly, I picked up this NYX crease brush! In case you’re a little slow jumping on the bandwagon, Boots now stocks NYX Cosmetics products! I picked up 5 of their liquid suede lipsticks a few weeks ago – let me know if y’all want swatches! This brush feels amazing quality and was only £8! I haven’t tried any of their brushes before, so I’m hoping I’ll be impressed!

So that was the haul from Boots! Let me know if you’ve tried any of the products I picked up today, or if I’m missing a product you think I need!

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