Kiwi Apple Ade Sheet Face Mask


I don’t know about y’all, but I love popping into T K Maxx & browsing through all their makeup and skincare products. Sometimes, even though the price is insanely good, I’ll be a bit hesitant purchasing a product if I’ve never heard of the name before. Especially for anything I’ll be applying to my face. With this however, I made an exception – just look at the packaging.

I had popped in there to specifically browse some face masks to top up my collection, and I especially love sheet masks as I feel my skin absorbs the goodness even more with them!

This mask cost £1.99 for the one application. There were a few other masks by this brand, all with different ingredients. I chose this one as I knew kiwi has healing properties for the skin and is supposed to reduce redness.

As soon as I took the mask out of the packaging, I knew I’d made the right choice. This masks feels almost luxurious as it feels a little thicker than other sheet masks I’ve ever used.

After taking the sheet off 20 minutes later, my pores had shrunk so much – I think if I’d purchased a few of these to use weekly, this would have a permanent shrinking affect on the pores as the results were so dramatic after one use! My redness had also been toned down, and my skin felt so moisturised. Definitely a good choice!

If you see this in T K Maxx don’t be put off by the lack of English wording on the packaging, give it a go. And if you also see any other masks by this brand, let me know your thoughts!

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