Lush Cosmetics – 1000 Millihelens Jelly Face Mask

I picked this mask up a few weeks back, as I’m dying to try all the jelly masks! This is the third one I’ve tried! All the jelly face masks are £6.95 each, and you can probably get around 8 masks from each one!

1000 millihelens main ingredients are apple juice, lemon, green tea and witch hazel! All the dream ingredients for clear skin! The reason why I picked it up! The idea is to grab a chunk from the pot and work it into a paste in your hands before smoothing onto your face. I found this face mask the easiest one of them all to mix into a paste! It felt so smooth and applied to my skin with barely any lumpy bits!

Yes, I’m aware this does not look very appealing! But I’ll try anything if it promises clear skin!

This mask reminds me of a ‘forest’ smell. It smells very earthy, and not offensive at all! It smelt like it was doing wonders for my skin, like I was in the fresh outdoors!

This mask instantly smoothed my skin out, it soothed a spot I had on my chin and made my skin feel like a babies bum! It didn’t feel dry or cracked, just hydrated and very clean! I’ve used this twice a week for the last 2/3 weeks and it has kept the breakouts at bay – even reducing one red down to nothing over a few days!

This mask is ideal for all skin types, but especially spot prone, sensitive skin! If you’re looking for a mask to naturally keep spots and bad bacteria at bay, definitely give this a try! It’s soothing enough for daily use, and the witch hazel in it does wonders for any skin type!

My favourite jelly mask so far (having tried bunny moon and the birth of Venus)!!

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