Double Cleansing

I personally think cleansing is the most important part of a skincare routine – especially if you wear makeup on a daily basis. I’ve been ‘double cleansing’ for about two years & I’ve seen a major difference, compared to when I did a single cleanse – my skin has way less bumps under the skin and feels ‘cleaner.’ I thought I’d do a quick info post on it, just in case anyone has been wondering why they should double cleanse. And if you’re still using makeup/baby wipes to remove your makeup, STAAAAHP (G, I’m looking at you gal…)!

Throughout the day, your face comes into contact with all sorts of pollution and bacteria – especially if you have a habit of touching your face (DON’T TOUCH YOUR FACE!). A buildup of this over time if you aren’t cleansing properly can lead to clogged pores, ageing (extra wrinkles!), breakouts & even pigmentation. So cleansing is definitely important everyday, even if you haven’t worn makeup.

So, if it’s a day where I’m not wearing makeup and I jump in the shower in the evening, I just do a single cleanse with a water based cleanser & my Foreo. I always cleanse my face for at least a minute. It makes a complete difference – plus it’s like a mini face massage every evening!

A double cleanse always starts with a ‘makeup remover.’ This is normally a balm, oil or micellar water. These attract all the makeup, dirt & grime that’s on your skin and removes with a wipe of a damp flannel or cotton pad. I always rub my makeup remover in for one minute as well – don’t forget your neck when doing this part! This first cleanse should be getting rid of at least 95% of the dirt off your face in my opinion. A few of my favourite makeup removers that I’ve used & go back to are:

The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter – This is one of my absolute favourite makeup removers – it never fails to take every bit of my makeup off.

Pai Skincare Lightwork Rosehip Cleansing Oil – I used to use this when my skin felt sensitive and sore, especially when I had acne flare ups. This felt soothing, but still removed my makeup.

Garnier Micellar Water – A staple in everyone’s skincare collection I believe! Even if it’s just used to remove eye makeup. I only use micellar water if I’ve been on a night out and had a few bevvies. It’s still important to remove your makeup even if you can’t be arsed or if you’re too drunk to see – make sure you do it before collapsing into bed!

The second cleanse is usually done with a milk or water based cleanser. This gets your skin nice & prepped for the serums/treatments/moisturisers you will apply after. You could always use a cleanser that contains AHA/BHA products in too as these will get right into your pores & make more of a difference to your skin now that you have done the first cleanse and removed the barrier between the cleanser & your skin. Again, I cleanse for a whole minute. 60 second cleansing can actually stimulate circulation & also make your skin a lot softer. A few cleansers I’ve used for my second cleanse:

AlumierMD Purifying Gel Cleanser – I actually used this for both cleanses for a while too, it’s soothing and does remove makeup really effectively! The link is to Salt Beauty where you can order through them as you have to order through a skincare expert as this is medical-grade skincare.

Garnier Lemongrass Gel Cleanser – One of my absolute faves! It smells like a spa and is so soft on the skin. I use this in the mornings for a good wake up – the scent is to die for!

The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Wash – I used to use this a lot – now my skin has levelled out since having my peels, I don’t use this anymore as I find it dries my skin out and makes it feel tight. Good cleanser though if you suffer from oily/blemished skin!

So there you have it! A double cleanse how-to. You can actually just use one cleanser for both washes – just give it a try – cleansing twice & for one minute each time. Let me know if you see any changes, or if you have been doing this & have or haven’t seen any changes.

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