Benefit Cosmetics BADgal Bang! Mascara Before & After

I received this mascara for christmas as a gift off my Mum in one of Benefits value gift sets. I’ll just do a quick review of this & go straight onto before & after pics, as we’re all well aware of who Benefit are by now etc.

Benefit have called this a “pitch-black” mascara – and they are right, it definitely shows up the colour on your lashes and doesn’t look ‘washed out’ or faded. This mascara also includes ProVitamin B5 which is known to help your lashes with thickness and strength.

The wand is a plastic applicator rather than a bristle one. I much prefer plastic applicators myself, as I find they apply so much easier & and a lot more product to my lashes. I feel I never get the volume or definition using a bristle wand. I also find it easier to separate my lashes with a plasic wand – the bristles always seem to clump my lashes or they don’t catch every lash!

One application vs no product
2 layers vs no product

As you can see, the mascara makes a huge difference to my lashes, separating & volumising them extensively compare to my no product eye! I do absolutely love this mascara, but doesn’t it hurt anyone elses soul to spend £22.50 on a mascara? I would probably repurchase again, but in a value set – I received a mini Hoola, makeup bag, this mascara and a small version of the Porefessional primer all for £32, so that makes it feel so much more bearable!

Compared to Benefits other mascaras, I definitely prefer this to Roller Lash. But I feel nothing beats They’re Real. I’d repurchase They’re Real over BADgal BANG any day! I also think They’re Real is 50p cheaper too – winner!

Which Benefit mascara do you prefer? Have you tried any of their fun colour mascaras?

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