Silicone vs Bristle Cleansing Brushes

Photo of silicone vs bristles cleansing brush

You’ve probably seen numerous cleansing brushes on the market in the last decade. You’ve probably also wondered if any of them are actually worth purchasing and replacing your hands to do the cleansing! Using cleansing brushes can improve the blood circulation in your face. This will give a healthier look to your skin! You can sometimes get breakouts when you start using a cleansing brush – so don’t be alarmed.

I’ve put together some info to guide you if you have indeed had a look, but have no idea where to start or what the differences are.

I’ll start with bristles – these seem to have been first on the market & made popular by the Clarisonic cleanser – every makeup guru seemed to have one of these at one point!

First, bristle brushes are very good at deep exfoliation – these brushes seem are a lot firmer than silicone, so they will really get rid of those dead skin cells. This will speed up the skin cell turnover – your skin will create collagen a lot more, meaning tighter & less wrinkly skin!

They do need an antibacterial wash after every use to clean them. Otherwise you’ll be smearing the day before’s makeup over your face when you next use it!

They also need to be let to dry out properly – sometimes the bristles can clump.

You will probably need a replacement head every 3-4 months. The bristles obviously get worn down/bent out of shape with use, so to make sure your brush is doing the best job, upkeep is key!

Great for normal skin types to use daily!

A few facts about silicone brushes:

Silicone brushes are a lot more gentle on the skin – perfect if you’re leaning towards the more sensitve side.

They are also much more resistant to germs, bacteria & buildup. Due to silicone being non-porous, you can just rinse it under clean water once you’ve finished using it & it will come up sparkling every time!

If you’ve researched silicone brushes & you think they’re on the pricey side, just think – they do not ever really need to be replaced unlike bristle heads.

Better for oily, combination & sensitive skin types!

I have tried both cleansing brushes over the last 5 years. I bought a bristle brush at first & my skin broke out and always felt tender & sore. I perservered for around a month, but I couldn’t carry on any longer!

Then about 12 months ago, I purchased a Foreo cleanser as I found one in TK Maxx for £15 – bargain! I’ve been using this silicone cleanser twice a day, everyday for the last year and it really is the best thing ever! It helps remove my makeup and also has a built in timer which pulses every 15 seconds to prompt me to move to the next part of my face. I do a full minute cleanse with it morning and evening & it does feel like a mini facial every time! I do think it has brought a healthy glow & feel to my skin.

I definitely recommend a cleansing brush – obviously the one you pick depends on what you’re looking for in a brush & your skin type too! I hope this has given more clarity.

A few brands to research/try out:

  • Foreo
  • Clarisonic
  • PMD
  • Tarte
  • No7
  • Amazon – for more affordable dupes

Have you tried either cleansing brushes? What’s been your opinions of them? Or are you still trying to decide whether it’s worth it?

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