RCMA Translucent Powder – Review

RCMA Translucent Setting Powder

I’ve had this powder for around 12-18 months-ish. At one point, every beauty guru & their Mum owned this powder & I wanted to see the hype. I never really reached for it to begin with because I’m a full coverage person all the way & never thought translucent powders were for me.

RCMA Translucent Powder

Firstly, let’s talk price. It. Is. Insane. I’ve only ever found one place in the UK that stocks it and that’s BeautyBay. It costs £11.75 for 85g. What the actual fuck?! Let me put that into perspective – Mac Cosmetics translucent powder is £23.50 for 8g. EH?! I just want to add, Mac Cosmetics are my favourite brand in life & their translucent powder can do no wrong, but come on?!

The packaging is nice and simple, the pot is plastic – you can’t really complain about aesthetics when the price is so freaking amazing, right? The only gripe I have with this packaging is the lid – like, where do you sprinkle it? I think I lost a lot of powder the first few times I used it because I didn’t know what to do with it. I tried sprinkling it into the lid, but then it would explode everywhere if I put any excess back. I’ve ended up pouring it into an old Mac Cosmetics translucent powder pot and it works a dream!

When I first started using it, I felt like it gave me such a white cast & that’s why I never reached for it. But I started experimenting with patting a thin layer over my existing foundation and powder (for reference, I use Mac Studio Fix Liquid foundation topped with Studio Fix Powder foundation) – it definitely blurred my pores noticeably & it also left me shine-free for 7-8 hours at a time! It kept my makeup in place for a full days work – a miracle!

Since lockdown began, I haven’t really been wearing makeup. The one thing I hate is the shiny/oily feeling you get on no makeup days after a couple hours! So what I’ve been doing is applying my sunscreen once I’m out the shower & cleansed, then I leave that sink in for around 10 minutes. Then I use the powder and pat it into my skin with a brush just to give me a mattified feel & look. It really does last all day – I get no oil or shine at all & my skin looks so natural & can still breathe.

I’ve had zero breakouts with this just to point out too, which is definitely a bonus!

It’s a complete bargain & will last you absolutely forever – as long as you get the dispensing right! Have you used this before? Or do you think you’ll change over to this once you’ve used up your existing powder?

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