The Benefits of a Silk Pillowcase

silk pillowcase

I absolutely love my silk pillowcases! I have used them for around 5 years & would never go back to a cotton case! The current ones that I own, I was lucky to find in TK Maxx for around £6.99 for 2 – reduced down from £50! You can get all different price ranges, so don’t let this put you off!

I initially started looking into silk pillowcases when my acne had flared up again & was pretty bad when I was around 22. Whenever I woke in the mornings, my skin looked red, inflamed & felt super sore! Cotton can feel quite abrasive, especially if you have spots on your skin that just won’t go away!

So the first benefit is definitely a softer feel on your skin. Silk is way less abrasive on the skin & doesn’t rub & irritate the skin like some cotton pillowcases can!

There’s actually 43% less friction with a silk pillowcase compared to a cotton one. Creases or wrinkles can form on our skin from sleeping at night & can sometimes become permanent! Silk reduces the chances of this – looking younger – yay!

Silk is a lot less absorbent than some other materials, so your skin will still feel moisturised & hydrated come morning, instead of those cotton cases taking away all the good serums & oils you’ve just applied!

Because it’s a lot less absorbent than cotton, this means silk is also great for those of you with oily scalps/hair! Because it doesn’t absorb the oils, your scalp doesn’t feel the need to over produce more of it!

Some silk pillowcases are naturally hypoallergenic too – great for allergy sufferers. This means less swollen eyes & no redness from reactions!

They are super easy to care for – turn them inside out & stick them on a 30°C wash with just some detergent – no fabric softener. Then leave to dry naturally.

They just feel fancy as fuck! Literally feel like royalty going to bed…

I change mine once per week. I own 2 so I just rotate them out and wash them when I’m changing the whole bedding. If it’s summer & it’s hot & sticky, I might just change the pillowcase an extra time during the week just for it to feel fresh on my face.

Overall I have had less redness on waking up, my face never feels ‘sore’ & my hair is definitely less oily since using them. The great thing is, they benefit all skin types too – even dry skin as they don’t absorb any moisture off your skin during the night!

Have you tried a silk pillowcase before & did you notice any differences? I definitely notice a difference now if I stay at someone elses house or a hotel – cotton just feels so rough!

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