My Botox Experience

My botox experience

I’m just going to put a spoiler out there now… I absolutely love botox!!!!! I’ve only had one treatment, but I’ll never not want it again! I’m addicted! If you know me, you know I support all kinds of plastic surgery, fillers, botox etc. If you want it, just get it – who cares what other people think! If you want your lips done, why not? If you’re dying for a boob job even though you’ve already got a D cup, you crack on (yes, that’s me – still saving!)!!!

Before anyone says to you that you are ‘too young’ to think about botox or ‘you’ve got no wrinkles,’ BOTOX IS A PREVENTATIVE MEASURE. Of course, it can be used to remove mild lines etc, but you want to treat the area before anything really appears don’t you?! So if you want botox in your 20’s – it’ll prevent wrinkles appearing to begin with, which is a winner!

It’s obviously important to first point out to do your research before you choose the person you want injecting your face! You’ll want to look at reviews, their portfolio & even see if friends or family have ever tried them. I live in Pembrokeshire, so I did a bit of scouting around and finally ended up choosing Aesthetics by Carrie if anyone is interested! I first went for a consultation & she asked me to point out my areas of concern. She explained that she does get people who ask her for her advice, however she mentioned she could start pointing out something that didn’t even occur to you to begin with, so she does prefer you to tell her what’s bothering you – makes perfect sense!

I don’t think I’ve frowned properly since I was around 19 and realised I would one day become wrinkly! It absolutely terrifies me & I’ve wanted botox for the past 8 years, so it’s definitely not something I’ve jumped into. My husband is also dead against it, but I finally thought yolo – try & divorce me hun!

Botox, or botulinum toxin is a protein that is injected into the muscles that causes temporary paralysis of them. It lasts between 3-4 months. It can be used to treat medical conditions too, such as excessive sweaty underarms!

When I went back for my actual appointment, Carrie discussed the possible side effects & also how to look after myself in the days after receiving it. I was told not to look down at my phone for 4 hours afterwards. There are a few possible side effects, headaches, flu-like symptoms, bruising, weakness or droopiness in the eyelids. The only side effect I had was once small bruise at the end of my right eyebrow!

My treatment cost £155 for 3 areas – I had my forehead, outer corners of my eyes & the area in between my brows too. The treatment only took around 10 minutes from start to finish & Carrie injected me around 11-15 times in total – I think! It felt like little pin pricks – not painful at all!

For around 3-4 days after, I felt no difference, I was so impatient too! I kept looking in the mirror & frowning, but I could still do it!! On around day 4, my forehead started to feel so freeaking tight! That feeling lasted for around 7 days – it’s hard to explain the feeling, but I just wanted to relax my head muscles, it felt like they were working over time, even though it was the complete opposite! After a week, the tightness faded & when I looked in the mirror, I was trying to frown & raise my eyebrows, but there was no movement – absolute dream!!! It literally doesn’t feel any different after the initial healing period, you wouldn’t even notice unless you looked in the mirror & tried frowning/raising your brows. My forehead looked amazingly smooth! There were very few wrinkles to begin with, but it really just added a filtered look!

I had this done in February this year, so we are getting close to month 5. Obviously I haven’t been able to get a top up due to lockdown, but it is first on my list when everything re-opens! I’m also getting my lips done too – fuck it! After month 4ish, I could move my eyebrows again, but when I frown, there’s still minimum movement between my brows – WOOHOO!

Would you get botox? Or have you had it and also addicted like me after just 1 treatment?!

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