Dermaplaning at Home Video – Shaving my Face (Not Qualified)


I’ll keep this post short & sweet so you can just jump to the video…

I’ve been ‘dermaplaning’ or shaving my face myself for the past 5 years. I am in no way qualified to do this – I actually once watched a Huda Beauty video on it! If you pay to have dermaplaning done, it is done with a scalpel by a professional. I am in no way saying my way is better at all, it is just what I prefer!

The act of dermaplaning is to remove any dead skin cells & peach fuzz, it’s a form of exfoliation. It means that moisturisers & serums etc can sink into your skin properly & makeup sits a lot better. I absolutely love the effects of it – & no, your hair does not grow back thicker! It makes my skin feel super soft & my makeup definitely does sit well after doing it. I usually do it once every 3-4 weeks. I even shave my brows whilst I’m doing it – I can’t remember the last time I waxed or used tweezers on them! I haven’t included myself doing my brows in the video as I really need to concentrate when I do them!

The razors I use are single blades from either Amazon or eBay – type in ‘Tinkle’ & you should find them, they are extremely cheap. I only use each one once or twice before binning them as I like a nice, sharp blade. Remember to clean them – I use boiling water. Hold the blade at an angle & go slowly! I’ve been known to cut myself once or twice – it’s not a great look y’all!

I hope you enjoy my video… Let me know what you think or if you already do this at home!

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