Skin Types

I’ve started writing a book! Who knows if it’ll ever get finished, although I’m currently on chapter 6 out of around 10 chapters, so it’s quite possible. It’s all about skincare – obviously. I thought I’d share chapter 1 with y’all – different skin types!

Normal –

If you have a ‘normal’ skin type, the Gods have most certainly blessed you! The skin type we’ve all dreamed of at some point or another if we’ve suffered from facial ailments! Normal skin types have well balanced skin, not too oily, nor too dry. If your makeup stays put all day without slipping around or looking like it’s going to flake away, you are a walking miracle! Or you just have great genes… Your pores won’t be very noticeable (jealous!), your skin will feel smooth and it won’t be very sensitive. Majority of the time, normal skin types will have zero blemishes too, bar the odd hormonal spot if you do suffer with that! Normal skin types don’t need much maintenance – I have a normal skinned friend who considers washing her face just splashing it with some water. Plus her face looks the same with and without makeup – no fair!

Dry –

Dry skin types can sometimes feel like their face feels tight and can even feel itchy. This is due to not enough sebum being produced on the face. Sebum is an oily secretion of the sebaceous glands. Dry skin can be flaky – you may feel it is more noticeable if you apply foundation daily. It may not go on smoothly, plus it might even enhance the dry patches – not fun, I know. You may also find that your skin still feels dry, no matter how much you moisturise it too – this is because dry skin does not retain moisture very well. You might just need a slightly more hydrating moisturiser or even just  a thicker night cream.

Oily –

The exact opposite of dry skin – where dry skin owners do not produce enough sebum, oily skin owners produce too much of the stuff! Your pores are usually a lot more visible if you have oily skin (boohoo) and you may constantly feel like you have a glossy sheen to your skin. Makeup might not sit well on oily skin for long periods of time – try skin blotters throughout the day – these soak up excess oil without moving your makeup.  If you’ve suddenly started getting oily skin, it can sometimes be due to a hormonal imbalance or even stress! Acne sufferers normally have oily skin. A great benefit of having oily skin (yes, there is a benefit…) is that you will age slower – well wrinkle-wise anyway! People with oily skin may find their skin does not have as many wrinkles as other people their age due to the oil being a form of moisturiser.

Combination –

This really is what it says on the tin! Combination skin types will usually have an oily T-zone – this is the forehead, nose and chin – and dry cheeks. This is a tricky type as one moisturiser might not work for your whole face. A moisturiser that is thick and hydrating for your cheeks might make your T-zone extra oily, whereas an oil control moisturiser could dry your cheeks out a hell of a lot more. This skin type does need a lot of work to keep the whole face balanced! You might want to ‘multi-mask’ with this type. This means applying different face masks to different areas of the skin that they suit, rather than just slathering just one over the whole face.

You may have also heard of dehydrated skin. This is not a skin type, more of a skin condition. It can come and go. Unlike dry skin, which is lacking oil – dehydrated skin lacks moisture/water in the uppermost layer of skin. It can be a number of factors that can cause this, such as, using incorrect products on face, smoking, too much alcohol or caffeine, air conditioning, heating, diet and cold wind. Make sure to drink plenty of water to rehydrate and try introducing hyaluronic acid into your routine – this can hold one thousand times it’s weight in water and is a very hydrating ingredient in moisturisers and serums. You can even buy hyaluronic acid tablets to take orally.

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