Rimmel Lasting Matte Concealer – Review

This Lasting Matte concealer from Rimmel caught my eye a couple weeks back – even though I’m no where near as oily as I used to be, I still get dragged in by the word ‘matte’ or ‘mattifying!’ It seems that drug store brands have definitely increased & improved their shade selections from what they were 5/6 years ago. I remember porcelain still being way too dark with an orange tint on my fair skin! This shade is perfect though. It’s a shade too light for me actually, but I like to go lighter to brighten the under eye. I’d have gone one shade darker if I was using it to conceal any imperfections.

Rimmel Lasting Matte Concealer

It’s a traditional concealer tube with a doe foot applicator. It cost £6.49 – I got mine from Boots. It’s not a bad price at all!

So I obviously first swiped it under my eyes for the day. It does say full coverage, but I’d say it’s more of a medium. The matte effect in it meant that it didn’t slide around my face all day or disappear from under my eyes. However, it did feel slightly drying. I should have realised this as my under eyes crave hydration normally anyway. It didn’t crease though or settle into fine lines, which I find a lot of mattifying products do – they normally enhance every imperfection if they settle in far enough!

The past few weeks, I’ve been trying this in different ways. I’ve found the best way to use this is one swipe down the bridge of my nose & pat in with a wet sponge. This has stopped a shiny snout throughout the day! Woo woo!!!

The second way is my absolute favourite discovery. I use this on my eyelids. Nothing else before it – just a swipe of this on each lid & either patted in with a sponge or blended out with a brush – both ways have blended seamlessly for me! It is the perfect eyeshadow base!!! It literally doesn’t crease all. Day. Long. I’ve been patting RCMA translucent powder over the top to set it, then carry on with my eyeshadow routine. Normally I get creasing or my eyeshadow doesn’t last the whole day as my lids are quite oily. I’d actually given up on trying out different eyeshadow primers ages ago as none of them did anything for me!

But this is amazing. Definitely give this a go if you’re looking for a great eyeshadow base to prevent creasing & oiliness!

Have you tried this concealer? What did you think of it?!

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