Sanctuary Spa Sleep Range – Review

This pair caught my eye when I was in Superdrug just picking up essential toiletries – I swear I need tunnel vision when I pop into drug stores! Does this look essential?!

This range is infused with midnight flowers, sweet almond oil & lavender oil. I’ll start with the body butter first. It’s a blend of cocoa & shea butter. I normally stay away from thick moisturisers like this one because as I’ve explained before – I absolutely hate feeling sticky & clammy after applying moisturiser.

As you can see, it’s a thick, luxurious looking butter. The scent in this range is to die for. The first thing I noticed was that it doesn’t really smell of lavender. This is great if you’d love to try relaxing products or suffer with anxiety but hate the smell of lavender (how could you?!)!

It has a floral, perfume-y scent to it, quite hard to describe. It’s definitely a warm, comforting smell! I use the body butter on my arms & legs straight after showering each evening & it really sinks in amazingly. It gives my legs a gorge glow – I’d probably put this on before a night out, especially for the lingering scent too! My elbows have been quite dry & a little sore because of it, but after 3 consecutive days of using the butter, they’re silky soft & no longer cracked & painful! Yay! This does need a little longer than I’d like to sink in. But 10-15 mins maximum & there’s no slimy feeling or worry of transferring it onto your bed sheets or sofa etc!

The spray has the same scent as the butter – just not as strong for obvious reasons. With this spray, you are supposed to spritz it straight onto your pillow before you jump in at night. I give my duvet cover a quick spray too, just for good measure! I wouldn’t say it helps me fall asleep, but the scent is most definitely calming & makes me feel super chilled out! This would be lush to spray around the room if you meditated frequently too!

The body butter is £11 & the spray is between £8 & £12 – depending on where you shop or if there’s offers on etc. I would most definitely purchase the pair again for sure. The butter was a pleasant surprise & makes me feel fancy as fuck when I use it, it’s that rich & amazingly scented! The spray is definitely a calming influence before bed, but I wouldn’t have high hopes for it to help you actually fall asleep – you might need a rum or two to help you with that!

Have you tried this range before?! What did you think?! They also have a new ‘de-stress’ range that I’d love to try out including CBD oil & a warming body balm!

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