Makeup Tips for Beginners

I thought I would write up a list of 10 makeup tips for beginners that might make your lives a little easier if you don’t apply makeup everyday, but still want the knowledge for the odd occasion! I’ve had a few people message me & ask for some ideas – so here you go!

Use. A. Primer! It makes such a difference to how the rest of your makeup sits & protects your pores to an extent – it stops foundation sinking into them. Make sure you get one that compliments the foundation. If one is oil based, both have to be & same with water based. Otherwise they will just repel each other.

Try using a damp makeup sponge if you can’t get your foundation to blend well. So many people are scared of using a sponge or feel like they sheer out your coverage. If you dampen the sponge, it won’t absorb as much product, so then you can build your coverage. I can never for the life of me get my foundation to blend out seamlessly using a foundation brush – I swear by Real Techniques beauty sponge. It’s only £6 too! I replace mine every 3 months & wash it before I apply foundation every time.

Use highlight on the inner corners of your eyes. Even if you’re not wearing eye makeup – it instantly opens your eyes up & makes you look more awake! I love doing this, especially if I’m having a minimal makeup day.

Use a setting spray. It will seriously change your life. Especially if you have oily skin. It also sets everything into place so if you’re looking a bit ‘powdery’ or cakey, setting spray will normally smooth this out to make you look more natural! I like to spray mine directly onto my beauty sponge – about 5-6 spritz’s. Then I pat it all over my face from the sponge. You can spray it directly onto your face, but I’ve had some setting sprays that leave marks because the nozzle is too powerful & shifts my makeup.

Wash your brushes. I know this doesn’t sound like a makeup tip, but application is a million times smoother with a clean brush & no buildup. Plus, imagine all that bacteria buildup too being swirled all over your face! You don’t even need to buy a specialised cleanser – you can just use a mixture of washing up liquid & a small drop of olive oil. This will rinse out all the shit & the olive oil will provide some conditioning treatment to the bristles.

If you have pink toned skin, you are a cool tone. If you have yellow (ish) toned skin you are a warm tone! Helpful for foundation shades – especially if you’re trying to navigate your way round online. Also, check out Temptalia’s foundation matrix here. I swear by this. If you already have a foundation, but want to buy a different brand, input your shade from your existing product & it will come up with your matched shade in any other foundation brand. It’s a god send – especially if you live in the arse end of no where like me & there’s no place to go & try these shades out in person.

Use eyelash curlers before you apply mascara! They make such a difference!! Curled lashes make you look more alert & awake! These curlers cost me a quid from Primark & they’re still the best curlers I’ve ever owned. I’ve bought 3 other pairs since from other brands, & have kept the little spongey things for my existing one & thrown the rest out, because they just don’t do such a good job as these!

Use a damp eyeshadow brush to make your shimmery & glitter shades more intense! I spritz Mac Cosmetics Fix+ onto a flat brush, but wetting it with water will get you the same result!

Apply concealer in a triangle shape under the eyes. It’ll brighten the whole area. Rule of thumb too – if you’re buying a concealer for under your eyes, go a shade lighter to brighten. If you’re buying a concealer for blemishes, buy the same shade as your skin/foundation – you don’t want to enhance those spots!

If using eyeliner scares you, start off by using a dark eyeshadow as a liner – if you fuck up, you can blend it out into another look! Especially if you’re in a rush! I do this all the time. I cannot apply eyeliner, even if my life depended on it.

I hope at least one of these tips has helped you on your way to greatness (Harry Potter quote oi oi). The main thing to remember with makeup is to have fun! It washes off, it’s not permanent, so if you fuck up – who cares?! If you don’t want to wear makeup at all, that’s cool too – just because other people do it, doesn’t mean you have to!

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