What’s in my airport makeup bag?

I’ve filmed a video for this blog post as I thought it’d be a lot easier to show & tell… Scroll below the video for the items I mentioned!

Small travel brush & scrunchie.

Wet wipes & roll on deodorant.

Makeup remover wipes. These are The Body Shop Tea Tree wipes.

Sheet mask – of any kind, preferably hydrating! This one is a snail essence mask from TK Maxx.

Face spray. This is Pixi Rose Glow mist. Pick one that’s calming if you don’t like flying!

These are Lush Cosmetics Creme De Menthe – mouthwash tablets! They save space on liquids as they’re tablet form – I’m sure Listerine have come out with their own form too! Refreshing, especially on long-haul flights!

Lip balm to keep lips hydrated! Remember to buy one with SPF if going somewhere hot!

Hand sanitiser & hand cream! Stay hygienic & moisturised!

Perfume! Not a necessity, but it’ll help make you feel nice if you’re travelling for hours & have no chance to shower/wash!

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