Sanctuary Spa 5 Minute Thermal Charcoal Detox Mask – Review

sanctuary spa 5 minute thermal charcoal detox mask

I first bought this mask around 4 years ago when I was in Boots – they normally do great 3 for 2 offers on Sanctuary Spa. I’d picked up 2 other skincare items I needed, but wanted a 3rd for the freebie – so I just grabbed this to see what it was like!

This is £10 for 75ml of mask. It contains charcoal, kaolin clay & myrrh oil. It’s self-heating when it’s applied to the skin & says it will draw out impurities, daily grime & pollution! It also comes in a ‘mini mask’ i.e. a sachet with probably 1 or 2 applications for £2.99 – great if you want to sample it first or you’re travelling!

sanctuary spa 5 minute thermal charcoal detox mask

I literally call this a mud mask due to it’s consistency! It’s thick, but when you do apply it over your face, your skins warmth does make it a lot easier to spread around. I must admit, the tube it comes in isn’t the handiest container it could come in! I find the nozzle gets clogged & it always looks a mess from squeezing it out. I always have to cut the tube in half to get the rest of it out too as there’s always a lot left that can’t be squeezed.

I use this mask once or twice a week if I want to feel like I’m at a spa! When you apply it, you can instantly feel it heating up – it definitely feels luxurious! I have found applying it with your fingers rather than a face brush gives a better experience as it doesn’t seem to warm up as much if you use the brush. It says to leave for 5 minutes, but I do sometimes leave it 10-15 minutes if I’m chilling in the bath!

This mask definitely leaves my skin feeling silky-soft. With the clay & charcoal in it, I was a bit worried that it would dry my face out, especially now my skin is a lot more balanced & a lot less oily! However, it doesn’t dry it out at all – my face never feels tight after using this, but it always feels extra clean! Leaving it on longer doesn’t seem to dry my skin out either – although it can start dripping down your face due to the warmth!

It doesn’t do much in the way of minimising the appearance of my pores, but if I ever have any spots brewing, this mask definitely seems to calm them & draw out any nastiness that was hiding underneath! It doesn’t get rid of spots completely, but it does take the redness & soreness out of them!

I’d definitely recommend this mask if you are normal/oily. I’d tread carefully if you are dry or dehydrated, simply because of the kaolin clay in it – your face might end up feeling tight & dried out. It’s a nice mask to use if you want a day off from using acids/treatments/medicated skincare etc.

Have you tried this before?!

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