Mylee Cosmetics Precision Wax Pen – Review

precision wax pen

I saw this on ASOS the other day on their New In tab – I can’t help myself, I have to check it everyday!

I can’t remember the last time I had my brows waxed! Since I had them tattooed on 2 years ago, I tidy them up myself. When I’m shaving my face, I normally shave my brows as well & then use small scissors to trim the long hairs to shape them.

When I saw this, I thought it was such a good idea! No mess, no heating up & easy to store away! This pen & strips cost me £12, which isn’t bad at all. It comes with 20 of those mini wax strips.

mylee precision wax pen

The tip of the pen is angled, which is handy to apply the wax in specific areas without it going everywhere. It does say if it’s colder weather then the wax can obviously be harder to apply, so I just held the pen under hot running water for 30 seconds just to ensure I didn’t come across this.

All you have to do then is slowly twist the bottom of the pen until the wax appears in the tip & then swipe in the direction of hair growth in an even layer. You then grab one of the wax strips & press it onto this area. You must pull your skin taut before pulling off this strip & you have to pull in the opposite direction of hair growth – do it quick! I do not miss this feeling! Although it was easy to do!

This was my first attempt on my first brow! I think I did a pretty good job seeing as I’ve never used wax myself ever before! There’s something really satisfying about seeing the hairs right?!

So you can see the difference here. Obviously there’s still a few stray hairs, but I’m putting that down to inexperience rather than the product. I did actually really concentrate & do under the first part of my brows to really tidy them up after I took this & they look a lot sleeker – I was just worried I’d slip & take off half a brow, which isn’t the end of the world when they’re tattooed I suppose! Just not ideal…

I’d definitely recommend this precision pen if you’re on the go/travel a lot! Or even if you’re like me & won’t let anyone else touch them, but want a clean way of waxing without the mess! It’s only £12, like whaaaat?! I think it’ll definitely last me 8/9 goes at least! You can chop the strips in half too for brows & get more use out of them! I was going to give my upper lip a go, but I fannied out. I will definitely try it next time I do my brows though, there was hardly any redness afterwards too as you can see from the photo – I normally go bright red when I get waxed! It’s definitely a soothing wax, great for sensitive skin!

Let me know if you’ve ever tried anything like this?! Would this encourage you to wax at home?!

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