Ingredients & their benefits in face masks…

I thought I’d do a little breakdown on some key ingredients to look out for when buying face masks. I love finding masks that do specific things for my skin, like reducing the visibility of my pores etc. Here, I’ve written the ingredients & also what they can actually do for your skin, so you can keep an eye out!

Charcoal – This one is very popular & you all probably know about this one by now. Charcoal is anti-bacterial, so it draws impurities from the skin. I like to use a charcoal mask for one off spot treatments too as it can be quite drying. I’ll pop a bit over the spot before bed & leave it there all night – the spot is normally reduced or gone by morning! Great for acne & oily skinned people!

Aloe Vera – This is actually named ‘the plant of immortality’ by the Egyptians! Aloe vera is great for people with sensitive skin. It’s anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial. It also contains salicylic acid naturally, so great for people with acne too! If you have an aloe plant at home, you could try slicing open one of the leaves & just smearing the aloe vera onto your skin fresh from the plant! Leave it on for 10-15 minutes. Your skin will feel super soft & it will calm any redness too due to it’s anti-inflammatory properties!

Manuka Honey – One of my favourite ingredients ever. I feel like manuka honey solves all problems! It balances skin pH & is extremely soothing on the skin. It’s great for acne & spots as it is anti-bacterial. Manuka honey can accelerate healing too due to it’s high levels of sugar – try it on acne scars as a mask a few times a week!

Turmeric – This spice can give your skin an amazing natural, healthy glow to it as it is full of anti-oxidants. It is known to reduce scarring & can also soothe psoriasis too. I love to mix some turmeric & manuka honey together for a quick but full of goodness face mask every other week. I cannot stand the smell, but the silkiness & smoothness of my skin makes it worth while!

Pink Clay – I must admit, I thought this was a bit of a gimmick when brands started bring out pink clay masks. Turns out it does have some great benefits! It’s a very gentle exfoliant & can reduce blackheads if you suffer with these. It also contains silica which improves skin elasticity, so if wrinkles or ageing is one of your concerns, definitely invest in a pink clay mask!

Caffeine/Coffee – Caffeine is known to reduce puffiness & it also boosts collagen levels, so another great anti-ageing ingredient! I currently use caffeine under my eyes as it also reduces the appearance of dark circles. My favourite mask is the Lush Cup o’ Coffee face mask. It’s a great exfoliant & gives your skin an amazing glow!

Oatmeal – Oatmeal is an extremely gentle exfoliant – great for sensitive skin. It really soothes redness & irritation too – great for acne sufferers if you’re feeling like your skin needs a break from all the harsh ingredients that’s put on it! Again, Lush do an amazing oatmeal mask – definitely worth a try if your skin is feeling a little raw or inflamed.

Snail Essence/Extract – This one sounds really, bloody grim! But snail essence can do so much for your skin. It plumps, hydrates, fades acne/pigmentation scars, firms up skin & minimises the appearance of pores! What’s not to love?! I use snail essence in sheet mask form – my skin always feels super moisturised & soothed!

Glycolic Acid – I love this ingredient in a face mask. It’s a great anti-ageing ingredient again. It boosts collagen & skin elasticity, reduces the appearance of pores. Glycolic acid has a very small molecular size so it can get right into the skin for a chemical exfoliation too – it will dissolve dead skin cells brilliantly. If you have super sensitive skin, be cautious when using glycolic acid in a mask or any form for the first few times!

I hope you got some useful info from this post – let me know what your favourite mask is with these ingredients in! Or whether you concoct your own at home!

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