Pixi Beauty Glow Tonic Cleansing Gel

pixi glow tonic cleansing gel

I bought this cleanser around 5-6 weeks ago from Boots, when I was in there having a browse (lethal). It’s normally £18, but I think I got it 1/3 off, so around £12.

This cleanser is described as a ‘fuss free gel’ & contains glycolic acid to exfoliate & brighten the skin. It also contains horse chesnut extract which soothes skin & can reduce irritation, aloe vera to also calm & hydrate & ginseng to improve circulation.

pixi glow tonic cleanser

As you can see, it is literally a clear gel – it doesn’t really have a strong scent either, so definitely a winner if you hate perfumed/scented cleansers. I thought I’d slot this into my routine as a morning cleanse & also my second cleanse in the evening.

Just to note – I absolutely love my Foreo silicone cleanser – I use it every morning & in the evenings on my second cleanse after massaging an oil based cleanser in. This did not work well with my Foreo – in my opinion anyway! Because this gel doesn’t foam or lather up, I felt like I was dragging my Foreo around my skin & not actually working any product into it. I had to use a great deal of cleanser to make it feel like it was doing something. I did try using my fingers to cleanse instead, but in the evenings I just feel like my Foreo gets any excess dirt out that I’ve left behind, so I just couldn’t get on board.

During my morning cleanses I’d try & use my fingers, but I felt like it didn’t stimulate my circulation enough or brighten me up like using a tool alongside it would.

This cleanser didn’t break me out at all, so definitely bonus points there! Saying that though, it didn’t improve my skin in the 6 weeks either. There was no drastic change to my skin that would make me go back & drop £18 on it.

As extra info – when I try out a product, I will just switch that in – I won’t do anything else different with my otherwise solid routine, so I can see what differences are being made by that product.

All in all, I was pretty disappointed. This might be great for someone who is starting out on the Glycolic acid or any new acid introduction journey mind. I have built up quite a tolerance & use some form of acid almost daily in my routine, so maybe it just wasn’t the right strength/formulation for me.

Have you tried this cleanser before? What were your thoughts? I absolutely love Pixi & their Glow Tonic Toner & do rate them high on my list of skincare brands, so I’m definitely not put off by this one.

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