Fresh Beauty Mini Loves Set

I treated myself to this when Cult Beauty had 20% off skincare & then a further 20% code worked on top! This set usually costs £49 for 6 15ml tubs – which is still pretty good for Fresh products! The makeup bag it comes in too is pretty sturdy & will be nice to put my travel jars in when I take short breaks!

The set contains:

Black Tea Firming Overnight Mask

Sugar Face Polish

Rose Face Mask

Umbrian Clay Mask

Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask

Vitamin Nectar Vibrancy-Boosting Mask

I’m going to be reviewing the 4 face masks that have come in this set. I’m going to save the Black Tea Overnight Mask for a longer trial on my neck & chest & the sugar polish for a separate review too as I also bought the full size a few weeks before buying this.

I got the set originally because I saw this was included in it. When I was in NY a few years back, I got a sample pot of this using my Sephora points & absolutely fell in love with it. If you’ve tried it, you’ll know the scent is absolutely to die for. It’s super citrusy, fruity & summery smelling! It has fruit derived AHA’s & vitamin C in it to give the skin a natural exfoliation & a glow! I was a little disappointed after using this, I must admit! I thought when I’d used it a few years ago, I was left with visibly glowing skin that felt silky smooth. I know my skin has built up quite a tolerance to acids etc these days, so it’s the only thing I can think of why it didn’t do much for me this time round! If you’re a first time AHA/acid dabbler for the skin, definitely give this mask a try – the scent alone is a dream!

This mask is the clay mask. As well as umbrian clay, it also contains lavender water & chamomile flower to soothe & hydrate. I freaking loved this mask! It was bloody amazing! It dried amazingly on the skin & when I rinsed it off, it didn’t need excessive scrubbing to get it off either. My skin was left feeling silky smooth & really hydrated! My pores looked less visible too. This is a miracle – the first clay mask that didn’t leave my skin feeling like all the moisture had been sucked out! Amazing, amazing, amazing!

I was so excited to try this mask! I love all things rose scented, it’s just calming for my soul! As well as real rose petals, it also contains aloe vera, cucumber extract & green tea! I thought this would be perfect for my ‘down days’ – days when I don’t use any active ingredients on my skin. When I applied this, my skin felt super warm the whole time I had it on – I should have rinsed it off really, but I didn’t realise at the time there was aloe vera in it – I’ve had reactions to this in the past! I kept it on for around 15 minutes & when I rinsed it, I was left with a pink face! Not bright red, but you could tell my skin didn’t agree with it, sadly.

This one was the one I was least ‘interested’ in. Hadn’t really heard much about it etc, felt like it wasn’t something I was looking for, but a nice bonus all the same! It contains hyaluronic acid spheres, black tea extract, kombucha, blackberry seed extract & lychee seed extract – all the ingredients to give a glow to the skin whilst combatting free-radicals. This texture felt super weird – it was silky-smooth! Applying this makes your skin feel ice-cold & refreshed. I loved this mask so much. I loved the cooling effect & also the way it made my skin look afterwards. It gives it a flawless finish, super smooth feel & ultra hydrated!

Overall, I am so pleased I bought this little set. I did bounce between this & just buying the full-size Nectar mask on its own instead. I am so glad I didn’t! My skin has obviously changed since the last time I used it!

I would never had bought the Umbrian Clay mask without this little tub first – The Body Shop charcoal mask is my ride or die, but I think I’ve found a new winner! I will definitely purchase a full-size of this!

The Black Tea mask really blew me away – I can’t believe I would never have even looked twice at it if I was picking a full-size mask. This was definitely the best mask out of the whole 4 & it’s on my purchase list the next time I place an order on Cult.

Each pot can get you around 3-4 uses which is pretty good! It gives you a good chance to try them out & really see the effects!

Do you buy travel size products, or do you just dive right in with full-size?!

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