MILK Makeup Hydro Grip Primer

Have y’all seen the hype surrounding this primer?! It’s insane – I had to try it! I bought the mini version for £13 to try out in case it wasn’t for me!

This primer is full of plant-derived oils as well as cherry blossom, aloe water, hyaluronic acid & B vitamins! Definitely full of hydrating goodness! The ‘grip’ part comes from blue agave extract which forms a layer for makeup to grip to all day.

It’s a green tinted gel formula & smells quite medicated! It reminds of an acne cream I was prescribed when I was a teenager, but I can’t remember the name! Put in the comments if you know what I’m on about!

You are supposed to apply this to your skin & then give it a full minute to absorb fully before moving onto your next step.

Like I said, the scent isn’t the best, but it’s one you get used to! I absolutely loved the feel of it on my skin! It has an amazing cooling effect on my face – feels super refreshing!

I tried this with a couple foundations* – each one gave pretty much the same results, which is cool!

Straight after application it makes my skin look smooth & filtered, I was a bit worried at first that it made my skin feel ‘too tight’ but once I’d given it a minute to soak in, it was fine!

This did keep my makeup in place all day really well! I had a little bit of break up on my chin, but I think that’s from talking in my job & resting my hand on my chin too. The rest of my face stayed amazingly. I had a little bit of shine, but I could easily blot it away & my makeup didn’t budge or look worn at all! I’m oily/combination, so normal to dry types would love this! Especially with all its hydrating benefits included too!

For a full size of this – 45ml, it costs £27. This part hurts my soul a little – that’s the same price as my foundation! I’m glad they do a mini version, it doesn’t feel so painful to fork out. The photo of the product on the back of my hand is one pump – that’s all I need to cover my whole face too, so the small tub is lasting me quite well thank god!

I’m still on the fence whether to re-purchase yet… I have a lot of other primers to work my way through!

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