My Lip Filler Experience

Brows tattooed – check ✔️

Botox – check ✔️

Obviously it was time for me to try out lip fillers – all in the name of research & reporting back to y’all of course… NAAAT. I’ve been dying to have my lips done for years, but my husband was not happy with this as it was a visible ‘change’ to my face.

So I just didn’t tell him until after I had them done…

I went to Carrie Griffiths – the same nurse that has done my Botox in the past (see my experience here). If you live in the Pembrokeshire area, she comes under ‘Aesthetics by Carrie’ on Facebook.

Let me start by saying, I don’t actually mind the size of my lips. It’s just the edges that I didn’t like, they seemed to ‘turn inwards’ if that makes sense? I only wanted filler to even out my lips, not to make them bigger.

I was initially quite nervous to ask to get them done as what I wanted seemed quite pathetic – I only wanted 0.5ml & I didn’t want big, juicy lips. I didn’t want her thinking I was wasting her time!

I booked my Botox top up & my lips at the same time – I know, brave! I explained to Carrie what I wanted my lips to look like & she was amazing! She didn’t judge or try to push me to get a larger volume, she just explained what she could do to my lips with that 0.5ml.

Carrie was very realistic with me too. She explained with the shape of my lips, sometimes minimal filler won’t always push the edges of my lips out, it may take a great deal of filler or a spot of Botox injected into the skin above my upper lip to relax the muscle slightly so it flipped out. I chose to just try the 0.5ml for now to see the outcome as I didn’t want to give my husband a heart attack!

This is my before & after – not a huge difference, just natural!

She applied numbing cream to the whole area of my lips & then carried out the Botox on my forehead while it got to work!

It hurt like a bitch! I can’t lie! I knew it’d be uncomfortable & Carrie did warn me it wasn’t the most pleasant procedure, so I was prepared!

My upper lip did swell quite a lot while she was doing it, but by the time she had finished, it actually had calmed down a lot! Afterwards, for the whole day, it felt like someone had head butted me in the mouth! It felt super tender & I couldn’t pout without wincing!

By the next morning, the swelling had virtually died off! I thought I was going to get away without bruising, as I didn’t bruise with my Botox, but alas I had false hope…

I hope you can see that! The dark marks on the outer corners of my lips are the bruising. Lipstick did actually cover them quite well & they weren’t sore – the bruising seemed to show itself 2 days after having it done. It lasted around 48 hours.

When I first had them done, I actually thought, ‘I am never going through that again.’ But now it’s been 2 weeks & I freaking love how they look – I’ll definitely do it again! They haven’t even been a huge change to my face – no one has commented that I look different. It’s only something I can notice but it’s given so much more confidence having even lips!

Look how even they look! I could die!

I’m so pleased & I’d recommend Carrie to anyone who asks! She nailed it & was super informative, giving me all options & aftercare advice.

And if you’re also wondering, yes, my husband went absolutely ape shit that I got them done without telling him… but oh well… yolo & all that.

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