Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask

If y’all haven’t heard of this before, you haven’t been stalking the skincare realms of Instagram enough! This mask has been super hyped this past year, so I obviously had to get it to try it out – I bought it around 3 months ago & been testing it since!

This size mask cost me £22.50 – so it’s not the cheapest mask in the world! It has rave reviews from Kimmy K & every influencer & their mum seem to love it too! So what’s in it…

It contains chestnut extract for a light, natural skin exfoliation, vitamin C to brighten & even out skin tone & niacinmide which reduces the appearance of pores. It also contains green tea extract, ceramides & vitamins. All combined to plump skin, reduce appearance of wrinkles & hydrate the skin! It also guards against free-radicals.

Sounds amazing right?! The consistency is a thick, white & creamy texture. The peppermint in it is really noticeable when I first applied this, it feels super cooling & refreshing on the skin.

I’ve been using this mainly as a 15-20 minute face mask & while it feels really refreshing, I can’t say it’s really done much for me. I know it’s aimed at post-flight skin – I haven’t really had an opportunity to give that a whirl given current circumstances… but even with central heating & general air pollution, it didn’t do anything spectacular.

My skin is oily/combination. I think possibly this is the reason why? Maybe more normal to dry skin types are reaping the benefits more?! It does sink in really well – after 20 minutes there’s only a light layer left on my skin.

The mask hasn’t broken me out or caused any skin concerns, it just simply hasn’t benefited my skin at all. Considering the price tag too, it’s not something I’d repurchase if I’m not seeing results.

I think if you have dry, sensitive skin, this could be your new life saver! Especially if you’re looking for a thicker, winter moisturiser! It says this can be used as an evening moisturiser or even a hydrating primer – oily skin types don’t dare try this!!

Let me know if you tried this & seen great results, especially if you have a different skin type to me! I’m definitely more of a charcoal mask kinda gal…

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