Pixi Beauty Vitamin C Range

Look at this gorge set, could you die?! Pixi actually very kindly sent it to me to try out! I thought I’d break down each product & let you know how I got on with them! I always take Vitamin C products with a pinch of salt if they’re not in a UV protected bottle. Some forms aren’t stable & some forms aren’t potent at all. If you want a potent vitamin C product that’s stable, look for the ones in a UV protected packaging. That being said, I absolutely love Pixi, so of course I was going to slap this on my face! The whole range smells to die for too – super citrusy!

The first item is a vitamin C lip balm. It also contains jojoba oil & vitamin e – it has a slight tint, but nothing over the top! What I love most about this balm is that it feels like there’s nothing on your lips! I hate lip balms that feel heavy or slimy, so this one is perfect! If you have cracked lips, this might not be hydrating enough, but just to keep on top of your lip care, this is brilliant!

The next product is the brightening skin perfector. It has quite a gritty texture to it. As well as vitamin c, it also contains ferulic acid, which is great to protect skin from free-radicals so this can be worn alone or under makeup as a primer. Because it contains liquorice, it helps reduce the look of redness & discolouration. It turns into ‘skin colour’ when you massage it in. This was actually my favourite item in the box. This smoothed out my skin insanely well! It looked airbrushed! I absolutely love wearing this on no makeup days & it actually still feels like it’s protecting my skin. A little goes a very long way too – so start with a small pea-size amount. It didn’t feel greasy & soaked in brilliantly. It worked well under my foundation too, but feels like a bit of a waste under makeup! I definitely favour this on chill days!

This stuff is bloody brilliant. It’s got a red-ish tint to it to counteract dark circles & also contains caffeine to reduce puffiness! This acts as a natural concealer in my opinion! It really does fade the look of dark circles – it makes them look less heavy! Sits well under makeup too!

This Beauty Oil was the product I was least excited about in the box – I’m an oily skin type & the thought of applying this under my makeup gave me the heebie jeebies! It felt like a disaster waiting to happen! I was very surprised… 4 drops is all you need – again, a little goes a long way! I patted this into my skin after moisturising rather than massaging, then left it soak in for 2-3 minutes. Then I carried on with my makeup routine, foundation etc. This oil gave me an amazing glow! One of the boys in work actually commented on how my skin was glowing when I used this & he never notices anything! Best of all, my makeup stayed in place all day – even on my chin area, which never stays in tact, it’s always separated by the end of the day! I highly recommend this as a primer. I might not reach for this when it starts getting to the warmer months, but during winter, even for my oily skin, this is a great hydrating addition!

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