Inkey List Peptide Moisturiser

I picked this up around 3 months ago, as the colder weather was starting to dry my normally oily skin out! My everyday evening moisturiser I normally use just wasn’t cutting it every evening.

I’d heard of the Inkey List, but I’d never tried anything from their brand – they’re super affordable and raved about, so I thought I’d give their peptide cream a try!

This moisturiser was £14.99 for 50ml – an absolute bargain! I freaking love the packaging too – reminds me of the Drunk Elephant moisturisers. You just push down on the top and the cream spills out of it!

Using peptides on your skin help support natural collagen – something we all need help with! After the age of 20, your skin produces 1% less collagen every year! WHAT?!

Inkey List say the two main ingredients in this moisturiser are 2% Royal Epigen P5 to help even skin tone and delay the signs of ageing and also 1% Hydrating Peptide Solution to support your skins moisture barrier to give you more glow!

It’s definitely not the heaviest cream I’ve used, but as an oily skin person, I wouldn’t use this during the day under makeup. I use this maybe 2-3 times per week in the evenings and it just adds a little more hydration and glow to my skin for the winter months!

This moisturiser hasn’t broken me out at all and sinks in amazingly – it hasn’t made my skin anymore oily than usual either, it’s also cleared up any ‘scalier’ patches I might have had on my face.

I’d definitely recommend this moisturiser – if you have dry skin, this might be a godsend morning and evening! Otherwise, if you’re just struggling during the colder weather, I’d for sure keep a jar of this to hand!

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