Rimmel Lasting Matte Concealer – Review

This Lasting Matte concealer from Rimmel caught my eye a couple weeks back - even though I'm no where near as oily as I used to be, I still get dragged in by the word 'matte' or 'mattifying!' It seems that drug store brands have definitely increased & improved their shade selections from what they… Continue reading Rimmel Lasting Matte Concealer – Review


Rimmel Wake Me Up Mascara – Extreme Black

   So I picked this up the other day, just randomly! Y'know when you want to buy something, but not really sure what? This was the outcome. This comes in the normal black, and then this one - the extreme black. It smells gorge, like cucumbers and refreshing cleanser!   Now I don't really get… Continue reading Rimmel Wake Me Up Mascara – Extreme Black