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Night Time Skincare Routine | Cleanse, Exfoliate, Spot Treatment, Face Oil

Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog! Tonight, I’ve uploaded my usual week night skin care routine. You can find it here (don’t panic if you’re early – it’s coming!).

Here’s a slight break down of what I use in the week:


So first I use my Tropic Skincare cleanser with the bamboo cloth that comes with it. This sells for £16 – and I actually sell Tropic Skincare myself! This is an oil based cleanser that literally removes every piece of makeup, dirt and grime that’s on your face! I don’t need to tone when I use this cleanser – it’s one I use when I’m feeling lazy! The cloth cleans really well too – after using it, just run it under warm water, and it’s as good as new! You’ll see in the video!


Next, I exfoliate – I do use this one every night, although I don’t scrub my face with it as hard as I should because of this. This is the Clearskin range from Avon, and I think this exfoliator is £5.50! There’s always brilliant deals and offers on with it though. This has salicylic acid in, and leaves your face feeling minty fresh! I take a blob of this, lightly massage it over my face and then leave it on when I shower, washing it off just before I get out. I like to leave it get to work on my spots and uneven skin! This does calm down redness a lot too – you’ll notice a difference the morning after!


Then I do my spot treatment. I have been bouncing between these two treatments, so thought I’d include them both! The Clearasil treatment works wonders on spots under the skin – it helps calm them down, and takes away the pulsing feeling! The Boots witch hazel one I use if I have small spots, or little blemishes that aren’t really bothering me.


Lastly, on a week night, I’ll use my almond oil. I picked this up from Holland & Barrett, I think it’s £3.99 for this bottle. It lasts forever too, as you don’t need much! Almond oil is great for dry skin, dark circles under your eyes and acne! This is why I use it during the week! It does everything, to save using product after product. I massage it all over my face, and then wait at least 20 minutes before lying down in bed – otherwise it just wipes off onto your pillow. I alway wake up with really soft, calm skin whenever I use almond oil.

So that’s my week night routine! Sometimes I’ll shake it up with a different scrub, or on a weekend, I’ll chuck in a face mask. I also use my Lush Cosmetics cleanser on the weekend. I sometimes use it in the week too, but I find I have to tone my face too, just to make sure it has removed everything. I’ll do a weekend skincare routine soon, just to show y’all the difference! Until then though, let me know what your routine is!

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